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Family property settlement

Family property settlement


When a relationship ends, a fair and equitable family property settlement is what you want for your future. We can assist you to understand the process and to obtain a fair and equitable family property settlement either by Consent Orders, or in certain circumstances by a Binding Financial Agreement.

Due to the very wide variability of family property settlements, we cannot provide a fixed price. However, we do provide a first half hour free interview to provide general advice about your options, your rights and indicative costs. We only open a file once people have decided that they would benefit from expert legal advice to achieve a fair and equitable family property settlement.

We have seen the entire range, from people who attend with their partner to those where every single issue is hotly debated. While we understand that most people will want an amicable separation we also understand that this will not always be possible. We can assist by advising what view the Court would likely take of any proposed family property settlement so that our clients can negotiate a fair and equitable family property settlement with that knowledge.

We are proud of the fact that since opening on 1 August 2011 until now (1 September 2022), none of our family property settlement matters has progressed to a trial, where costs can be significant.

Where appropriate, we can recommend a range of experienced family law barristers who regularly practice in the Family Court. We also keep costs down for our clients by only engaging a barrister if necessary and doing procedural hearings at the Court ourselves.

To arrange your first half hour free interview please call us on 08 8278 1779 or make a booking using the form below.

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