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Data Breach

Data Breach

cyber lawyerCyber Security and data breaches are now a fact of life for all businesses. Now that there is a business model (ransomware) that is enabled by Bitcoin, there will be no respite from attacks attempting to hack your business. No business is too small to be targeted.

Better technology  can help, but there is no panacea. Spam filters are never foolproof and while perimeters with firewalls may be strong, once inside the firewall most business IT systems are vulnerable.

We advise our clients to assume the mindset that they have already been breached and go from there.

In 2013 the Australian Institute of Company Directors wrote:

Businesses need to assume a cyber security breach will happen and prepare accordingly. And, the focus needs to shift from pure prevention to detection and response planning, the goal being to become resilient organisations that can bounce back quickly from attacks. 

Cyber Security and Data Breach Legal Services

We can advise clients in various areas including :

  • Legal response to a data breach
  • Advising on cyber regulatory exposure, both Commonwealth and State and common law.
  • Advising on cyber insurance contracts and claims
  • Regulatory compliance including Commonwealth Privacy Act obligations
  • B2B and B2C contract reviews for exposure to liability for cyber breach and cyber incidents
  • Board level advice and IT Governance, including acting as a virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Darren works either with his client’s existing IT provider(s) or he can recommend reputable IT experts to deliver a comprehensive cyber security program for his clients including :

  • Reviewing Cyber risk assessments
  • Reviewing Cybersecurity programs designed to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of client’s Information Systems.
  • Reviewing Cybersecurity policies based upon the cyber risk assessment
  • Advising on cloud migration
  • Data loss response planning  and implementation

He can also provide an independent, professional review of proposals and solutions put forward by client’s IT teams and external service providers, including review of the proposed contractual terms and conditions.

Please contact us to discuss your needs for cyber security lawyer in Adelaide.

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