We are open and transparent about our fees.  Legal costs are often a concern.  We will always provide a realistic estimate and advise you of any significant changes as the matter progresses.  We ordinarily request an initial amount of money in trust to commence.  Of course, every case is taken on it’s merits.  In appropriate cases we will hold our costs to the end of the matter – including all deceased estate matters.

Fixed fee matters
We charge on a fixed fee basis for Wills, Powers of Attorney and Advanced Care Directives.

All other matters

The basis of our fees is the current Supreme Court scale.  We enclose an extract from the current scale.  As of 1 November 2017, the scale rate for work done by a solicitor is $377.50 per hour plus GST.  Work done by the Firm Principal is charged at scale + 20%. We also charge an administrative flat fee of $100 plus GST to open your file and store it for 5 years.

We will advise you at the end of the initial interview the estimated cost of your documents or your matter to a defined stage.

We offer a no-cost initial interview of up to 30 minutes to provide advice of a general nature regarding family law matters. Advice beyond this is charged at the Supreme Court scale rates.