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Kruse Legal
Family & De-facto Law

Family & De-facto Law

Family and de-facto law matters are important to us and are handled with an equal measure of sensitivity and firmness. All family and de-facto law matters are assigned to our firm principal who is assisted by the entire team at Kruse Legal.  We provide timely, pragmatic and cost-effective legal advice for all family and de-facto law matters including:

    • Family property settlement
    • Children’s issues
    • Binding Child Support Agreements

Family property settlement 

Family Property Settlement for married couples, de-facto couples and same-sex relationships.  We provide a first half hour free interview to provide general advice about your options, your rights and indicative costs.  We only open a file once people have decided that they would benefit from expert legal advice to achieve a fair and equitable family property settlement.

Children’s issues

Children’s issues are managed as a priority including child custody issues, time spent issues and parental responsibility.  We always put the interests of the children first – as does the Court.  We refer people to Anglicare’s Kids Are First post-separation support programs including Banana Splitz (for children 5-12 years old) and MAD is for young people aged 13-17. We advise clients that it is preferable to resolve children’s issues before trying to resolve the family property settlement. This makes sense because care arrangements for children will always influence what is a fair and equitable family property settlement.

Binding Child Support Agreements

Binding Child Support Agreements allows parents to formalise their agreement for financial support in excess of the bare basics that are provided by mandatory Child Support.  In our experience, parents are often prepared to set aside additional monies if they know it will be spent on their children.  A properly prepared Binding Child Support Agreement has the same effect as a Court order, provided both parties have had the benefit of independent legal advice.

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