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Commercial & Small Business

Commercial & Small Business

Aside from our cyber law advice, we also assist businesses by advising on and drafting for them the various legal documents that include :

  • contract reviews
  • franchisee agreement reviews
  • leases and lease reviews
  • contracts for purchase and sale of businesses
  • employment contracts
  • contract disputes
  • administrative law disputes

Our eyes don’t glaze over when confronted with the legalese small business can be confronted with.  We can identify the parts of the contracts or lease that may impact our clients and advise on how they can be either removed or re-drafted. Often, simply having a second set of eyes that is used to reading legal documents read over your documents will be of significant assistance.

When it comes to drafting we strive for clear, plain English drafting.  We have a wealth of prior art that we can draw upon to quickly adapt to your situation.

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