Aldi in Blackwood

At Kruse Legal we consider ourselves part of the Blackwood community. The proposal that Aldi build a new store has generated a significant local debate on Totally Locally and the Facebook Blackwood Buzz pages.

Since the early 70’s I’ve seen this community grow and the Aldi proposal is just one more piece of proposed growth and change. Many of us will remember the community protests of the sale of Minda land that became what is now Craigburn Farm. Others will remember the community opposition to what is now Coles when many wanted a community swimming pool. There was a time in living memory when Blackwood had no traffic lights, no Coles (1982) or Foodland (1968) and Woolies (1964) was the new shopping centre. Through all of this we have thrived and prospered and I have every confidence in that continuing if Aldi does come to town – whatever the final location.

The Buzz is a great forum that allows us to freely share and debate thanks to Vikki Threapleton. I think it’s important that the debate be civil and well informed – whatever the forum. To that end I’ve uploaded all the Aldi development application documents here ; Their development application is  212 pages. I’ll add other relevant documents here as they arise such and if people want to share them. Feel free to drop them at Kruse Legal for scanning.