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I support marriage equality
I support marriage equality

I support marriage equality

Today I  have temporarily changed the colours of our firm’s logo in support of marriage equality. The circular logo represents equality before the law. It’s perfectly balanced and everyone gets a seat at the table. It’s what we believe in and it’s why it’s important to stand up for the same rights for all.

We are not alone; “The position of law societies across Australia, backed by the Law Council of Australia, is unequivocally that denying two consenting adults the right to marry is discriminatory. All would agree that discrimination on the basis of gender has no place in our law.” Rocco Perrotta, Points of Law – 27 July 2015
The postal survey deadline for return of forms is 7 November 2017. Have your say and send Canberra an unmistakable message.

Darren Kruse


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